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Nationality Japan + United States

Countries Visited 25+

Favorite City / Country Cape Town, South Africa | “Cape Town should be, and must be on everyone’s bucketlist. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie (like myself), enjoy the fine things in life or love serving in communities – Cape Town offers something for everyone. Oh and the Cape Town sunsets… go check out some pictures – no caption needed.”

Work Experience Prior to co-founding UI, Chris was a Senior Strategy Consultant for KPMG and focused on the Consumer & Retail, Financial Services and Private Equity industries

Motivation for UI Born in Japan and having grown up in two countries, Chris’ international upbringing instilled in him that one who knows more than one culture in-depth will never be fully satisfied to be in only one. It is this idea to experience and understand different cultures which has fueled his love to travel, connect with people and seek adventure. Over the next year – Chris’ goal is to skydive in as many countries as possible, discover rooftops and chase sunsets

Associations LEAD Abroad Young Alumni Board

Leo Chris Kasuya

Chief Executive Officer + Director of Content


Nationality United States + Mexico

Countries Visited 15+

Favorite City / Country Havana, Cuba | After visiting Cuba, Jordan finds himself emotionally attached to the capital and its residents who inhabit it. Life in Havana is unquestionably challenging, yet the city still booms with vitality and positive vibes. Havana also taught Jordan the simple lesson that “a smile doesn’t cost anything extra”, which is incredibly telling of the kind of people you will find in Havana

Work Experience Prior to co-founding UI, Jordan worked as an Associate Auditor at Ernst & Young, and successfully completed all 4 parts of the CPA. Within Ernst & Young, Jordan worked within the Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, and Strategic Growth Market divisions

Motivation for UI Jordan’s early education and upbringing largely shaped his life and need for travel. Through middle school he attended an international school, which gave him the opportunity to interact with kids and families from all over the globe. At home, he is the product of a mixed marriage with an American father and Mexican mother. Furthermore – he is a fervent believer that the best education is most effectively gained through observation and listening, which ranges from reading books to watching other cultures engage in day-to-day living

Publications Co-Author of Welcome to the F*cking Show: Bitcoin and Your Future With Money

Jordan Levine

Chief Accounting Officer + Director of Cryptocurrency


Nationality United States

Countries Visited 5+

Favorite City / Country Jackson Hole, WY, USA | “Skiing. Check. Hiking. Check. Horseback Riding. Check. Mountain Climbing. Check. Mountain Biking. Check. Concert Venues. Check. Rodeos. Check. Etc. Check. Point proven yet?”

Work Experience Prior to co-founding UI, Bo was an Officer at Aperture Media Partners, a specialty finance and advisory company with focus in the entertainment business. He worked on many different projects spanning different facets of the film finance industry including production financing, print & advertising financing, corporate syndications, and more. Additionally, he worked on many film projects such as John Wick 2, Mother’s Day, Atomic Blonde, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and the upcoming Coen Bros. film starring Matt Damon Suburbicon

Motivation for UI Growing up, Bo moved around a fair amount within the United States due to his father’s job. Seeing novel places was always a mixture of fear and excitement which inevitably led to meeting new people all over the country, and, in turn, cultivating an urge to explore more unfamiliar places. Bo has continued travel immensely around the United States and a few of its nearby countries, but has yet to travel extensively abroad.  Bo believes the upcoming year of travel presents an opportunity to feed his continuing curiosity of the unknown and learn about diverse cultures and terrain which will result in valued perspective gains both personally and professionally

Bo Anderson

Chief Partnership & Product Officer + Director of Virtual Reality


Nationality Switzerland + United States + United Kingdom

Countries Visited 45+

Favorite City / Country Madrid, Spain | “A city filled with history, beauty and delicious food, Madrid is a vibrant city with much to offer. It is hard to replicate a greater experience than going to cheer on the Spanish National Soccer team win the Euro at Plaza del Colón with 10,000+ screaming fans”

Work Experience Prior to co-founding UI, Kevin was a Senior Analyst in the Investment Banking Division for Citigroup. He worked in the Industrials group focused on Homebuilding and Building Products silo

Motivation for UI A tri-citizen growing up on three different continents during his childhood, Kevin became infatuated with the idea of exploring the world. He believes the best form of personal growth is through experiences – Learning to interact with others with a different upbringing and being forced out of your comfort zone

Kevin Blackburne

Chief Financial Officer + Director of Operations